Finding The Motivation When You Work From Home: Tips For WFH Professionals

Professional working from home

Finding The Motivation When You Work From Home: Tips For WFH Professionals

Working remotely is nothing new. However, this kind of work setup became more popular after lockdowns due to the pandemic. Many professionals who work from home may start to feel the burden or face issues resulting from a specific home environment

In this blog, we’ll discuss why people choose WFH and how to get back on your flow when you feel unmotivated and distracted at home.

Professional working from home

What Is It Like To Work From Home?

Most workers are no longer required to come into the office between 9 to 5 daily, thanks to the WFH system.

That’s why individuals can tailor their routines to satisfy their commitments beyond work. Plus, there are fewer requirements for things like a car, public transportation, and fancy attire for work.

Working in your comfort zone makes you less likely to worry or feel overwhelmed. Parents can even provide for their children while also maintaining their financial stability.

However, it’s not always a bed of roses for remote employees.

Without boundaries and preparation, working from home can be very intimidating. While some people thrive in the familiarity of their own homes, others may struggle.

In a 2021 study on the challenges of a WFH setting, it was revealed that a crisis at home could impact one’s focus. Thus making it more damaging for employees than beneficial. Most people working from home strive to continue because it’s their only choice. All of these can lead to isolation, stress, and burnout.

How To Rejuvenate Motivation When At Home Working?

If you have the same trouble working at home or far worse than that, here’s how to stay motivated while facing the challenges of the setup

Remember Your Reason or Motivation And Hold On To It

Try to ask yourself all types of questions about your work. For example:

  • “Why am I working on this job?”
  • “Who am I working for/Is there a person behind my work motivation/reason?”
  • “What is my goal?”
  • “Where should I be right now and in the future?”
  • “How can I do my best for my known reasons?”

As you ask yourself important questions, you must be honest as well. It will give you the benefits you need, like:

  • A sense of purpose and direction for your career and personal life.
  • Reminder to feel fulfilled and satisfied with your current work.
  • Accountability and groundedness while achieving your goals.
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Employee writing her schedule in a calendar

Improvise and Set Better Boundaries

You can increase focus, productivity, and overall well-being by setting better boundaries and improvising your work-from-home routine. To devise and set better boundaries while working from home, consider the following steps:

  • Use calendars and trackers to make a routine and schedule.
  • Designate a specific workspace and separate it from leisure areas.
  • If you don’t have a workroom, try to build walls or add curtains.
  • Turn off distractions and eliminate interruptions during work hours.
  • Be transparent and assertive with your availability with family, friends, and coworkers.
  • Evaluate and adjust boundaries daily as needed to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Establish clear and achievable work goals.

Setting Realistic and Achievable Goals

Here’s how to set apparent, realistic, and achievable daily or weekly goals.

  • Identify your long-term vision and break it down into smaller, specific goals.
  • Make sure goals are measurable and have clear criteria for success.
  • Consider your resources, skills, and limitations when setting goals.
  • Create a timetable.
  • Re-evaluate and adjust plans per priority – try to put challenging and urgent things first.

Setting realistic and achievable goals allows you to stay focused and motivated and continuously work towards your desired outcomes.

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Woman employee remotely working having a meeting using her laptop

Identify And Surround Yourself With What Makes You Happy While Working

When you work from home, try to improve your happiness and motivation by surrounding yourself with things you enjoy. Follow these steps to figure out what makes you happy at work and surround yourself with it:

  • Think about what brings you joy and makes you feel complete.
  • Take breaks and do something you enjoy outside of work.
  • Make your work area a fun place to be.
  • Ensure you take care of yourself and have time to relax.
  • Pay attention to the present and be grateful.
  • Put yourself around people and things that make you happy.

Seek And Nourish A Wonderful Virtual Support System

So, how can you put yourself around the people you love when you’re at home? Think about the following steps to find and foster a tremendous virtual support system:

  • Use virtual communication platforms to talk to coworkers, friends, and other people you know.
  • Join online groups or communities that are related to your work or interests.
  • Attend online events and have chances to meet new people.
  • Set up regular virtual meetings and check-ins with friends and coworkers.
  • In the virtual community, people can share their experiences and problems and help each other.
  • Work together on projects and ask others for feedback and help.
  • Keep your relationships and communication open and honest.
  • Use memes to talk to GenZ and millennials.
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Woman stretching after working

Boost Your Body Circulation

When you work from home, sitting for long periods can hurt your health in several ways, which means it can lead to the following:

  • A sedentary lifestyle – raises the risk of obesity, heart disease, and other long-term health problems.
  • Bad posture – causes neck and back pain, headaches, and other physical pain.
  • Slow blood flow and raise the risk of a condition called deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
  • Mental health problems like stress, anxiety, and depression are worse.
  • Reduced Productivity: Sitting for long periods can make you lose your motivation, creativity, and ability to focus.

Feed The Circulation

Your body must circulate the proper nutrients needed to stay on top of the game. To consume the proper nutrients while working from home, consider the following tips:

  • Prepare balanced meals, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.
  • Limit processed and high-fat foods.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Incorporate healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, and yogurt into your routine.
  • Limit sugary drinks like soda and juice, and opt for water or unsweetened beverages.
  • Experiment with new healthy recipes and cooking techniques.
  • Consider taking a daily multivitamin to supplement your diet.
  • Try to avoid stress eating.

A balanced and nutritious diet can improve energy levels, focus, and overall health while working from home.

Healthy balanced food
Woman celebrating success in her work

Celebrate All Wins

If you work remotely, you should still celebrate small wins. Consider doing the following:

  • Take the time to notice and appreciate each success, no matter how small it seems.
  • Do verbally appreciate yourself, as it will also boost your confidence.
  • Give yourself a small reward, like a snack or something you like to do.
  • Share your accomplishments with your friends, family, and coworkers.
  • Use a work journal or gratitude journal to track what you’ve done.
  • Think about how far you’ve come and use that to help you set new goals.
  • Set aside some time to celebrate significant milestones and accomplishments.
  • Stop for a while and do something you enjoy.

You can stay motivated, boost your confidence, and keep a good attitude while working from home if you keep track of and celebrate your successes.

Don't Let Remoteness Keep You From Doing Your Best

Working from home has pros and cons, but don’t let the cons discourage you. You can make decisions, take charge of your life, talk to your bosses, and seek compromise.

If your workplace mistreats you, you should rethink deeper and find a new job. But if you only need help with the environment and self-management, the items listed above can significantly help you.