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Lisa O., Owner

Our company has used remote staff seekers for the last 2 1/2 years. I have to admit I was skeptical, that someone on the other side of the world, would be able to handle my bookkeeping and answer my phones, as well as someone in the states. Boy was I mistaken. I am amazed at the skill level, plus the willing and friendly attitude, that the filipino people, as a people group, seem to possess. 

I feel like I get five-star service with the way daisy and her management team help me oversee their work within my company. They guide me to understand how their culture works to care for my employees. I recommend remote staff seekers anytime I see a need. Thank you daisy, keep up the good work!

More Testimonies

Kiara Fulham
Operations Manager, First Rank SEO

Over the past four years, I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Remote Staff Seeker to build our remote team.

Remote Staff Seeker provides an end-to-end solution for our staffing needs, saving us a significant amount of time and resources. 

They managed the entire recruitment process, from prospecting to interviewing, with expertise in the process that ensured we connected with top-tier candidates who met our requirements.

Since partnering with Daisy and her team, we’ve enjoyed a low turnover rate among our remote staff. Their careful selection and management have kept our employees engaged and committed for the long term.
The team at Remote Staff Seeker is highly professional, responsive, and dedicated to understanding our unique needs. Daisy and Renato are always very kind and helpful. I would recommend Remote Staff Seeker to any business needing remote staffing solutions.

Scott, Alluvius

Scott M.
Director, Alluvius Inc.

I’m Scott Morden from Alluvius Inc. For the past 14 years, I’ve had a successful collaboration with Daisy from Remote Staff Seeker. This partnership has been instrumental in managing a diverse array of virtual administrative tasks at Alluvius, including data entry, search engine optimization, website development, and email campaigns.

The value of this arrangement to my business cannot be overstated. It allows me to concentrate on tasks in the factory or lab—areas where I can make the most impact—rather than being confined to desk-based managerial or secretarial roles, which are not my forte and often lead to procrastination or outright avoidance. The significant time savings not only cuts costs but also opens up new opportunities for growth and development within my company. These administrative tasks, which fall outside my expertise and do not require full-time, in-house staffing as they are typically project-based, are efficiently handled by Remote Staff Seeker’s specialized, project-specific staff. This outsourcing eliminates the need to recruit suitable local employees and increases confidence in the successful execution of projects.

Over the years, I have consistently recommended Remote Staff Seeker to many of my business associates, as well as to friends and family, because of their unwavering quality and efficiency. Their ability to meet my specific needs and contribute positively to my professional network reinforces my trust in their services, which in turn has strengthened my professional relationships and been instrumental in the continued growth and success of Alluvius Inc.

Tyler R.

I have been working with remote staff seeker for over a year now and they have saved me so much time with their services. Their employees have always been incredibly helpful and attentive to getting each task completed. I would recommend them to anybody 100%. Thank you to daisy and ace for all the hard work and excellent service!

Priit K.

I have used remote staff seeker va services for two years. I am very satisfied with the quality and effort the assistants put in. I will keep using them for as long as my business needs it

Bert M.

Remote staff seeker has definitely been a game changer for myself and my business. They are extremely professional, reliable and very quick to help with anything needed. They have always gone over and above my expectations. I am grateful that I found such a high level company to work with, for a fraction of the cost of most other companies.

Service Manager

When discussions started regarding hiring 2 people remotely, especially from a different country, I was skeptical to say the least. We are a family owned company and wanted to hire employees that we could “add” to the family. Mona and Cristina have exceeded my expectations.

After about a year of them being on our team, they have proven their ability to accomplish needed tasks in a timely matter and get the job done. No matter what is thrown at them, they take it in stride with a great attitude. Customers appreciate a great attitude!

Design Consultant

Mona and Cristina are both amazing to work with! Cristina is super efficient in scheduling appts for us and also streamlining leads to see if they are viable and can be helped. She makes our job so much easier being the go between with customers and ourselves during our busy daily schedules in the field. 

Customers tell us how pleasant and helpful she is all the time! She is very efficient as well in scheduling us in close areas each day to make our day more efficient so we can help as many customers as possible, and get to them quickly.

Super helpful to work with , and has gained so much knowledge on our product as well! She also is amazing during our phone campaigns and reaches out to so many customers on a daily basis to help further sales possibilities . Couldn’t do our jobs so efficiently without her!

Mona knows the financial side and is very knowledgeable in helping the customers with their deposits and making sure they are billed correctly . SHe is quick to get the billing handled as the job progresses, and is so helpful . 

She also works with our commercial customers to send out the needed forms and paperwork when requested. We can feel confident that we can forward any of these requests along to her, and she will communicate with them to get whatever it is they are needing. 

She also keeps track of our commission sales and payouts , and has an eagle eye to make sure we are all on the same page when deposits come in, and jobs are finished..

Both of these ladies are super fast in whatever request you are needing, and make us all look good to the customers. They are the face of our company as people call in and make requests, and their professionalism shows through in everything that they do. So lucky to have both of them as part of our team! 🙂