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Build your team of Offshore Content Moderators with RSS

Ensure Online Safety with Quality Moderated Content

Remote Staff Seeker is your one-stop shop for staffing solutions in finding experienced and reliable content moderators from the Philippines. 

 We understand the importance of building and maintaining a strong brand reputation. That’s why our content moderators work tirelessly to protect your brand’s image by removing any harmful or offensive content that may be posted by users.

Why Outsource From Us

RSS: Serving You Effective Content Moderation. Remote Staff Seeker is your partner in building your team, who will handle your digital content management and monitoring needs. 

We help build and train full-suite digital assistance with talented Filipinos equipped to review and regulate online content.

We ensure that everyone on our team passes extensive training to work on complicated content with the utmost professionalism and care. 

Gain access to the best content managers and moderators when you work with us! 

Benefits of Trusting Our Remote Filipino Content Moderators

Outsourcing from Remote Staff Seeker’s trained Content Moderators will bring you these benefits:

1. Cost Savings

Businesses save money on salaries, benefits, and office space for their employees without sacrificing quality.

We maintain high-quality standards by continuously supporting our team with tools and training. Get the best of both worlds when you work with us.

2. Around -the-Clock Moderation

Since the Philippines is in a different time zone than many Western countries, businesses can avail of 24/7 Content Moderation.

They ensure that users’ needs are met quickly and on time.

3. Committed For High-Quality Content

Our remote content moderators are experts who employ the latest strategies and use up-to-date tools and technology to ensure they are effective and efficient. 

They always strive to learn. That is why they ensure to identify quality contents that help you maintain your brand’s reputation.

4. Cultural Awareness

Filipinos are dynamic and are excellent moderators used to engaging with various cultures. 

That gives our staff the edge over others. They are sensitive to identifying culturally sensitive topics, words, and images. You have access to skillful online reviewers who can apply cultural appropriation when reviewing online content.

5. Language Competence

English-proficient content moderators help you create high-quality content for your business. Since they are competent with your language, they can retain and boost customer engagement.

Hassle-free Content Moderation VA Service

By working with Remote Staff Seeker, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free experience as we take care of the recruitment, training, and management of your content moderators. You can focus on growing your business while we handle the day-to-day moderation of your online community.