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Scale your business. Grow your Team


Finding globally competitive, dedicated, and experienced staff is a number one challenge for every business owner. It is hard to find the right people and even harder to manage them once you do.

Remote Staff Seeker is the solution. We're experts in finding, vetting, and training remote employees so that you can focus on your business. We understand the stress of finding and managing a company with a growing staff.

Let us help you find the perfect employees with diverse backgrounds so your business can reach a wider range of markets. Remote Staff Seeker will find them for you.

It is our business to look for global talents and build a team to support your need and be a valuable asset to your business. Imagine assigning the roles of your back office department, human resources, and marketing and launching your business all at once.
This is possible when you let us. Your remote staffing agency takes care of building up your team from the ground up!

Let us know how we can find the perfect remote employee. Schedule a call with us


Your Right Partner

Wellnes Culture Approach Maximizing talent resources with a company culture aligned with your business goals.

  1. Meeting Business Needs and Goals

    We love to hear what you want for your business. Remote Staff Seeker recognizes that each business and its owners are unique, and we love to partner with them to achieve their goals. We devise business solutions that adapt to each company's culture by leading them to a culturally fit staff that is trained and managed to perform with high efficiency even under changing business needs.

  2. Reduce Labour Cost

    An offshore team can provide the same services as an in-house employee but at a fraction of the cost. By outsourcing, businesses can save on operational costs. Be able to hire more staff without you worrying about extra fees for office expansion, rentals, and equipment. In addition, they can avoid the hassle and time-consuming process of recruiting and training employees.

  3. Outsourcing

    Gain access to world-class talents - with an offshore team, you can access a larger pool of highly skilled professionals. RSS got years of experience, and we can help you grow your members and manage them as you boost your business potential.

  4. Increase Productivity & Efficiency

    Focus on your core business functions. Streamline and create a system for your operations by outsourcing your staff dedicated to working hand-in with you. Outsourcing helps reduce the labor cost for a company or startup as they can avoid the hassle and time.

  5. Manage Business Risk

    There will always be potential risks for any business. With remote Staff Seeker, you got support and a team who will stay beside you until you come up with the best business solution. Leave the business of managing people to us, and focus on the core of your business. With a remote staffing company, you can transfer some of your concerns to a third-party provider.

  6. Drive Business Growth

    Achieve growth with various agents who work for you remotely. There is no downtime when you need to take a break. We got your back, and we can manage, train and build your team. No distance can stop us from making it work! Wherever you are, you will ensure that there are people who collaborate in handling all your processes. Thus, driving your business toward its goals.





Build a remote team that brainstorms and drives results that translate your innovative ideas into useful products and services.


Agents and Investors

Scale your real estate and investment company with a group of highly skilled employees and management staff to increase productivity and meet your goals in the quickest time possible.



Budding business owners will learn and discover ways to build and manage a pioneering staff who takes care of their investments and grow them from the ground up.


Business Owners (Small and Enterprise)

Business owners hire employees that represent a wide cultural background to bring world-class customer support that boosts your small and large enterprises.


howcan we help you

We'll seek the right team and staff for you and help you reach your business goals. Outsource. Train. Upscale. Efficient and effective remote staff solutions customized for each client.




Bridge Cultural & Communication Gaps


Cultivate Dedicated and Loyal Remote Staff


Track Productivity and Attendance With Our Inhouse Tracking Technology


Performance management


Payroll and Compliance


We offer

Services are tailored to provide a complete suite of staffing solutions. We help you connect with a talented remote team trained and developed to be highly capable, knowledgeable, and motivated!

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it works


    To start, we propose a business plan for you. Then, we get your approval; From there, we get on with the sourcing, screening, and onboarding of your team.


    Once you are ready to begin and have your discovery call with us, you will go through an interview and let you tell us your story. Where do you struggle? What do you need? We will devise a working process that works for you.

  • VA Onboarding

    After securing a team or the right fit candidate for you, it's time to onboard your new staff. We will set up a training program that works for you and get them to adapt to your company culture.


    We find talents with diverse backgrounds and prepare them for a collaborative work experience. This ensures you got a team of like-minded individuals who are committed to racing your goals. We provide the necessary training and dedicated account managers to ensure that your team is always on track.

  • Client Kick off

    After your interview, we set a plan. It's time for the client kick-off meeting! This is where you will meet your team.

  • Go Live and Track

    We promote hands-on virtual assistance and uphold our staff to be proactive. In that way, you would only have to spend a little bit of effort teaching a new set of employees. We provide tracking and monitoring to ensure your remote workers do their best and won't be complacent even if you are not around.



Remote Staff seeker has definitely been a game changer for myself and my business. They are extremely professional, reliable and very quick to help with anything needed. They have always gone over and above my expectations. I am grateful that I found such a high level company to work with, for a fraction of the cost of most other companies.

Bert Metcalf


Our company has used Remote Staff Seekers for the last 2 1/2 years. I have to admit I was skeptical, that someone on the other side of the world, would be able to handle my bookkeeping and answering my phones, as well as someone in the states. Boy was I mistaken. I am amazed at the skill level, plus the willing and friendly attitude, that the Filipino people, as a people group, seem to possess. I feel like I get five star service with the way Daisy and her management team help me oversee their work within my company. They guide me to understand how there culture works to care for my employees. I recommend Remote Staff Seekers anytime I see a need. Thank you Daisy, keep up the good work

Lisa O’Hern


I have used Remote Staff Seeker VA services for two years. I am very satisfied with the quality and effort the assistants put in. I will keep using them for as long as my business needs it.

Priit Kallas


I have been working with Remote Staff Seeker for over a year now and they have saved me so much time with their services. Their employees have always been incredibly helpful and attentive to getting each task completed. I would recommend them to anybody 100%. Thank you to Daisy and Ace for all the hard work and excellent service!

Tyler Rice



We'll seek the right staff for you! Let's talk bout your pain points. Remote staff seeker listens to your needs, and we will find the right candidate to support your business goals. Our rigorous process ensures that you are matched with a staff that exudes talent and possesses the right skills to that help scale your business that will take care of and supportyour business. Only the best employees are placed with our clients - giving them an immediate advantage over their competitors.Learn more about how Remote Staff Seeker can help your business grow!

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